Trade on Earnings with a Higher Probability of Success

Delphian Earnings Strategy Series

Earnings announcements give traders an opportunity to find alpha related to a company's financial quarterly reporting.  Some stocks exhibit predictable patterns around earnings releases that, if understood, allow traders to uncover trades with high-probability of success.

For earnings trading, our platform provides a multi-functional earnings calendar with a built-in screener and a quick backtesting tool, all within one, easy-to-use screen. It scans hundreds of stocks within seconds to recognize which symbols match a specific earnings pattern and then performs a quick backtest to find out if the trade is profitable. 

Delphian assists in creating and developing trading plans by offering real-time insight into the historical patterns of each trade in a matter of seconds.



The Delphian Earnings Strategy Series


Delphian created 8 different earnings trading strategies. Click on each of the Earnings Strategies to learn more about them: 


Bullish Pre-Runners - Stock price consistently rises going into the earnings announcement.

Bearish Pre-Runners - Stock price consistently falls going into the earnings announcement.

ATM Volatility Rise - Volatility and option premiums consistently rise prior to earnings.

ATM Volatility Crush - Volatility and option premiums consistently rise prior to earnings then both drop substantially after earnings announcement.

Price Movers - Stock price consistently makes big moves around earnings announcement.

Price Non-Movers – Stock price consistently moves sideways around earnings announcement.

Bullish Runners - Stock price consistently moves higher after the earnings announcement.

Bearish Runners - Stock price consistently moves lower after the earnings announcement.






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